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At the beginning of June, 2012, with the great attention of the leaders and the warm expectation of all employees, the third lance cup kicked off and quickly set off a boom. 80% of the employees signed up for the competition

at 8:00 a.m. on June 16, the elimination and final of this table tennis tournament will be held in the badminton hall of the Convention and Exhibition Center. In this finals, the top eight singles and the top four doubles decided in the previous two weeks will compete again to determine the top three. The following is the heroic posture left by Lance's athletes on the field divided by the original cross-sectional area of the parallel part

the first one is the men's singles eight in four out. In order to live up to the training during this period, everyone devoted themselves to the competition. We can see how serious they are by looking at their expressions. They are all ready to go. They want to kill their opponents by surprise

in the semi-finals of singles, there are oscillographic tube type flash meter, storage oscillographic tube type flash meter, etc. in front of and behind the display, and the final simple operation competition. Each of them has the momentum of a champion. Who will be the champion? Let's wait and see

after several rounds of fierce duels, the result finally came out. In the figure below, from left to right, are the third runner up wushunmin, champion Wang Yu and runner up laikunfeng

next is the men's doubles final, which will test whether our team members can cooperate with each other. Let's see your performance

here are the top three combinations of our men's Doubles: Champion: wangxinfu, wushunmin, runner up: weiruyao, Chenyuan, runner up: liubinjun, Wu Yanghui

this year's lance cup table tennis match is a complete conclusion

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