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The Sixth National Member Congress of China Printing Technology Association was held in Beijing on December 18-19, 2006, the Sixth National Member Congress of China Printing Technology Association was grandly held in Beijing. Long Xinmin, Secretary of the Party group and director of the General Administration of publishing, yuanzhengmin, member of the Party group and Secretary of the Party committee of the China Association for science and technology, liubinjie, deputy secretary of the Party group and deputy director of the General Administration, yuyongzhan, deputy director of the General Administration, Yu Youxian, chairman of the China Association of publishers, yangmuzhi, President of the China Publishing Group and chairman of the China book and journal distribution industry association, shenrengan, President of the China Copyright Association, and liuyouzhi, executive vice president of the China periodical association, Professor chenkungui, a famous scientist and doctoral tutor of Peking University, as well as old leaders and comrades in the printing industry such as Wang Fangzi, fengliyun and Lu Bing attended the opening ceremony. Longxinmin and Yuan Zhengmin delivered important speeches, Yu Youxian, yangmuzhi and Liu Youzhi delivered congratulatory speeches, yangjinghua, vice chairman of China Printing and equipment industry association, luozhixiong, chairman of Hong Kong printing media professionals association and vice chairman of Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Lu Jinfa, chairman of the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, also delivered congratulatory messages respectively. The China Packaging Federation, the all army Printing Association, the national railway Printing Association, the China Newspaper Association, the China Copyright Association, the China Society of Sciences and other units sent congratulatory letters to the conference. Wuwenxiang, chairman of the 5th council of China India Association, delivered an opening speech

director long Xinmin pointed out in his speech: in the long history of human social development, printing has the deepest impact and greatest contribution to the process of human civilization; In the historical evolution of Chinese civilization for more than 5000 years, Chinese printing has set up three milestones of human civilization - the invention of block printing, the initiative of movable type printing, and a major breakthrough in the research and development of computer Chinese character information processing and Laser Phototypesetting; During the revolutionary war and the period of socialist peace building, the printing industry made great contributions to the dissemination of revolutionary theories, the publicity of the policies of the party and the government, the publication of important literature and scientific and technological works, and the provision of spiritual food for the broad masses of the people. Among the numerous industrial sectors in contemporary China, the status of the printing industry is important and unique. China Printing Technology Association is the earliest non-governmental organization established in China's printing and related associations to develop China's printing industry. Wang Yi, Wang Fangzi, Shi Yucai and other old leaders and comrades have devoted a lot of effort to the preparation, organization, construction and development of the association. Since its establishment for more than 20 years, the association, proceeding from the overall situation of the work of the whole Party and the whole country, and centering on the working policy of China's Printing Science and technology cause and the direction of industry development, has united the national printing workers, and has done a lot of fruitful work in carrying out academic and technical exchanges and scientific and technological consulting services, strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the printing industry at home and abroad, and playing the role of a bridge. He said that over the past seven years, the Fifth Council of the China India Association, chaired by Comrade wuwenxiang, has focused on the center and served the overall situation, effectively performed the functions of liaison, coordination and service of the association, and achieved remarkable results. He stressed that the work of the new India Association will be carried out in the critical period of implementing the 11th five year plan. The average annual growth rate of publishing is 8.7%; The sales revenue of new materials accounts for 10% of the main business revenue of the raw materials industry; The utilization rate of advanced process control in petrochemical and iron and steel industries has reached more than 60%, and the General Administration has put forward the strategic goal of "vigorously developing the printing and Reproduction Industry and striving to build China into an important printing base in the world by 2010". Under such circumstances, the work of the China India Association in the next few years should be promising and promising. He hoped that the new China India Association would adhere to the purpose of democratically holding the meeting and scientifically participating in Haier's group product design, strengthen its own construction, give full play to its own characteristics and advantages, and jointly develop the laboratory with the beverage company grape wine · libina · 3 Deli, so as to create a working atmosphere of unity, harmony, exploration and innovation; Give full play to the role of a bridge and link, and assist government departments in providing services, managing and planning development; Continue to expand foreign exchanges and cooperation, establish friendly relations with countries and regions in the world on a larger scale and at a higher level, and lay the foundation for China's printing industry to go global

Secretary yuan Zhengmin said that science and technology associations are one of the indispensable elements for building an innovative country. The main way for science and technology associations to play their role in the process of building an innovative country should be to widely mobilize and organize scientific and technological personnel, experts and scholars, enterprise engineering and technical personnel, and highly skilled personnel to carry out more high-level and high-quality science and technology exchange activities in various disciplines and industries. According to the law of market economy, can we take the initiative to closely combine academic exchange activities with the needs of enterprises, extend academic exchange activities to the field of industrial technology and production, turn scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces, and effectively improve the scientific and technological literacy of the vast number of employees; Realizing the win-win situation between the association and enterprises is an important embodiment of the transformation of the association's functions under the new situation. He hoped that under the leadership of the new Council, the China Printing Association would unite the vast number of printing scientific and technological personnel, professional workers and all members to organize the implementation of the national action plan for scientific quality in accordance with the requirements of the China Association for science and technology, "three four filters: strengthening the service of filters without infarct instigators", and around the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for national economic and social development and the overall deployment of the national medium - and long-term science and technology development plan, Adhere to the scientificoutlookondevelopment to guide the work of the association, implement the 11th Five Year Plan for the printing industry, promote the progress and development of Printing Science and technology, promote original innovation, and cultivate specialized and top-notch innovative talents. Create a learning organization, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its members, undertake socialized service functions, develop science and technology intermediary services, improve the scientific quality of practitioners, and expand foreign exchange and cooperation

the conference reviewed and adopted the work report of the 5th council of China Printing Association made by wuwenxiang, chairman of the 5th council of China Printing Association, and the financial report of the 5th council of China Printing Association made by zhangzhiyuan, vice chairman of the Council. It also reviewed the notes on the revised draft of the articles of association of China Printing Association made by Tian Shengli, vice chairman of the Council, and adopted the new articles of association of China Printing Technology Association. After full deliberation by the participants, the conference elected the leading body of the 6th Council of the China India Association by secret ballot in accordance with the articles of association of the association. 157 directors, 52 executive directors and 44 honorary directors of the 6th Council of China India Association were elected. Yuyongzhan, former deputy director of the General Administration of publication, was elected as the chairman of the 6th Council of China India Association, zhangshuangru was elected as the executive vice chairman and secretary general, and 12 people including renyucheng and fengguangyuan were elected as vice chairmen. The conference specially invited Wangyi, wangfangzi, chenkungui and wuwenxiang as honorary directors of the 6th Council of the China Association of India and India, shenzhongkang as the chief consultant, gaoyongqing and other 17 as consultants

Yong Zhan, the newly elected chairman of the 6th Council of the China Association of India, put forward in the closing speech of the conference that the new China Association of India should adhere to the purpose of the association, adapt to the development of the new situation, enhance the awareness of learning, democracy, reform, service and self-discipline in carrying out the work of the association, and strive to become a practitioner of the scientificoutlookondevelopment and a promoter of improving the quality of science and technology, Advocate of independent innovation spirit and builder of harmonious printing industry; To expand the scope of services and activities, we should innovate in working methods, and expand the depth and breadth of work; Efforts should be made to strengthen the ideological, organizational and institutional construction of the association and build a harmonious association

the relevant business departments and bureaus of the General Administration of publication, the printing associations of all provinces, autonomous regions and cities, and the main responsible comrades of the member enterprises of China Printing Association attended the conference. During the conference, the Secretariat of the conference published three briefings of the conference, and successively held the presidium meeting and the first meeting of the 6th Council of the China Association of India. After the closing of the conference, the first meeting of the 6th Standing Council of the China Association of India was held immediately

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