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"The 6th China International Paper packaging and printing Expo" will shine brightly

as the only high-end platform in China dedicated to the paper packaging and printing industry and to becoming a complete industrial chain upstream, middle and downstream of the paper packaging and printing industry with a certain number of samples in China, it is hosted by the China packaging and printing Commission, Shanghai Huaning culture media Co., Ltd., China packaging and printing electronics industry packaging technical committee, Shanghai Printing Association, Shanghai Packaging Association The 6th China International Paper packaging and printing Expo, which was hosted by more than 60 packaging and printing associations including Suzhou Printing Association and Wenzhou Printing Association, will be grandly opened in Suzhou International Expo Center from November 6 to 8, 2013. This Expo is an integration of the 6th China International Paper packaging industry corrugated box exhibition, the 2nd China International Eastern Printing Exhibition and China paper packaging industry Creative Industry Expo. It covers an exhibition area of more than 30000 square meters, more than 800 domestic and foreign first-class paper packaging and printing equipment, supporting equipment, green environmental protection consumables, 6 theme exhibition areas, 5 professional activities, and more than 50000 key buyers in the paper packaging and printing industry at home and abroad The top 100 enterprise leaders and professionals in the industry will gather in Suzhou, the core city of the Yangtze River Delta in East China, to create a new era of gathering, cooperation and development in China's paper packaging and printing industry

centering on the theme of green packaging and printing and sustainable development, relying on the solid foundation laid by the previous five events, especially the Suzhou event in September last year and the huge resources gathered, the organizers organized and invited more experts, buyers, professional visitors and association leaders from the paper packaging industry and printing industry at home and abroad, Jointly explore and exchange the development trend of green paper packaging and printing industry

I. The paper packaging creative design industry made a concentrated appearance to show the highest level and achievements of the application of product packaging creative design at home and abroad

the China paper packaging industry creative design industry Product Expo launched this time in China integrates the wisdom of Chinese paper packaging creative people, and gathers top famous companies at home and abroad, such as China Shengda packaging group, Shanghai Jielong group, Japan Prince Paper Group, Singapore Dazhou group, Taiwan Lihua group, Shanghai longlide group, FengHao, Shanghai Aiden printing, China shenban, dejiaqi, mecolo As the leader of creative design industry products such as kestar, it has launched a batch of creative design industry products with different characteristics and leading styles, which are customized for various consumer product packaging users at home and abroad, escort them, improve the added value of Chinese consumer products, and let Chinese high-quality brand products go to the world

the whole exhibition area of hall 5 will become a colorful and colorful paper packaging boutique world, showing the designer's excellent imagination and original creativity, gathering all kinds of exquisite works of cartons, color boxes, paper bags, paper packaging, paper packaging paper and new paper packaging materials with different styles in the Yangtze River Delta, and commercial display shelves made of various corrugated boxes, paper honeycomb panels, r-board, G-board, d-board and other paper honeycomb panels Heavy cartons, wall partitions, furniture, various toys, etc. are available, so that all kinds of consumer goods packaging production enterprises and user enterprises can have zero distance access to the latest packaging creative design products and materials, and provide users in the Yangtze River Delta region with a variety of overall solutions for packaging and printing

two or six special theme areas to facilitate visits and purchases and comprehensively enhance the great influence of the Expo

1. Special zone for advanced corrugated and honeycomb carton packaging and printing technology and equipment

2. Special area for cutting-edge color box, large format printing, label, flexo printing, silk screen printing and film covering technology and equipment

3. Special area for medical electronic supervision code and code spraying technical equipment

4. China's paper packaging creative industry, green packaging and printing product zone

5. At present, there are "haze" weather in major cities in the green packaging and printing ink zone

6. Special area for green packaging and printing paper

III. innovative technologies and achievements emerge in an endless stream, becoming the biggest highlight of the event

1. Corrugated box printing and packaging slotting, die cutting, folding and pasting box online integration. A large number of famous enterprises such as Shanghai Dinglong, Shanghai Jinchang, Zhuzhou Sanxin, Shanghai Shenglong, Bengbu Aote, Shanghai Fengyi, Jiangsu Chenguang, Shanghai Benxin, Yinhuang and Jixing will launch the most cutting-edge innovative equipment to bring the best choice for users to update their equipment

Shanghai Dinglong will display the latest fg2800 full-automatic high-speed folding and gluing machine, which can fold, paste, count and pack the printed slotted and die-cut cardboard, and is suitable for the back molding processing of the carton factory. Shanghai Jinchang will perform the eight color full servo vacuum adsorption high-speed water-based printing die-cutting machine, and Zhuzhou Sanxin will perform the full servo high-precision seven color printing die-cutting machine. The three companies represent the highest level of water-based printing machines at home and abroad, with: 1) high precision, 2) high-speed wire, 3) high efficiency, 4) low consumption, 5) adaptability, and are suitable for equipment upgrading enterprises. Qingdao pioneer brought the collection of brilliant achievements for the 10th anniversary to show the best equipment for the full-automatic cadres of the high-speed single-sided corrugated board line and the high-speed corrugated board production line on the spot, and to show the pioneering and innovative achievements. The four industry giants' shocking debut with innovative equipment will surely attract the attention of the majority of buyers in the industry

leading manufacturers of paper honeycomb technology and equipment at home and abroad, Shanghai Lvshun, MeiXun machinery, Wuxi Asian Union, Shenxi, etc. have gathered in Suzhou to participate in both forum discussions and Exhibition competitions. They will provide first-class technology and equipment to promote the development of China's paper honeycomb industry, which is bound to cause a sensation. In particular, Shanghai Lvshun dares to show its sword on the spot and grandly perform the latest 27 meter long paper corner protection production equipment for users at home and abroad to choose

2. Large scale digital inkjet printing machines have entered the color box, corrugated and paper honeycomb packaging markets. International famous companies such as HP, EFI, Esko, Roland DG, JHF, Taiwei, Boye laser and Shenzhen Wande will exhibit digital flat-panel industrial inkjet printers, which are widely used in corrugated boxes, paper honeycomb, wood, special booth construction, office and home, wallpaper, acrylic board and other industrial fields, and are the best choice to solve small batch and personalized color box and color box orders, It will become a new development highlight of the industry

3. Founded in 1951, Italian massenzana company, a famous European manufacturer of micro corrugated board production line, has entered the Chinese market and settled in Shanghai. It cooperates with Shanghai fine printing zewa line manufacturer to produce. Aiming at the Chinese paper packaging market, it has launched 2.2m and 2.5m tile lines with European advanced level, which have been sold to users in Xiaoshan, Fujian, Shandong and other places in Zhejiang Province. At the same time, micro corrugated online printing equipment will be introduced, which will be widely used in the packaging of exquisite, medium and high-end micro corrugated products. The performance will be performed on the same stage with BHS, Fosbury, Mingwei, Xieyang, Wanlian, xiangyida, Fuli, Xijiang and other top 10 enterprises in China

4. Famous color box manufacturers at home and abroad gathered in Suzhou to present various box making equipment to users in the Yangtze River Delta region of East China. First class box making equipment manufacturers such as boster Xuheng Seiko, evergreen Co., Ltd., Haihe Shengli, Chengyuan, Xinchuan, Jinya, Zhengrun, tiancen, Jinbao, Zhongke, Hongming, ZHENGBO, borsen, Yaoke, Hyundai dongke, Hongjing, Gongxin, Huizhou Yisheng, Jiangsu Baoheng will present the latest equipment, Promote the upgrading of post processing equipment and become the biggest highlight of the whole packaging and printing exhibition. All kinds of exquisite color boxes can be made on site, which will give you a taste of the exquisite skills of box making technology and equipment and the colorful color of color box products

5. Leading suppliers of pharmaceutical electronic supervision code and anti-counterfeiting technology and equipment, and a number of top enterprises such as Kodak, Dragan, founder, sudavig, tiancen, XinJianLong, Shengde and Tongye will make a collective appearance to provide the most advanced technical equipment for the complete anti-counterfeiting and supervision of food, drugs and high-end products. For domestic and foreign users to choose, and jointly participate in relevant forum discussion, promotion and application

6. Green packaging paper, water-based ink, consumables and adhesives will also show their magic power on site

four or five major professional activities to comprehensively enhance the influence of enterprises, participate in high-quality international forums, and comprehensively understand the development situation of domestic and foreign paper packaging industry

1. During the exhibition, the second China paper packaging industry international cooperation forum with the highest specification in China will be held

2. 2013 China Electronics Industry Product Packaging Summit Forum and exhibition fair

3. The Minghui cup top 100 Chinese paper packaging industry ranking award ceremony will go to a higher level on the basis of the previous two top 100 Chinese paper packaging industry award ceremonies. At the same time, the top 10 influential entrepreneurs in China's paper packaging industry and the top 10 creative brands in China's paper packaging industry will be awarded

4. The sponsor, together with China anti counterfeiting Association, domestic famous enterprises, industry experts and paper weekly, jointly held the China anti counterfeiting packaging integrated solution forum to exchange the latest anti counterfeiting packaging printing technology application with the majority of product packaging users

5. The annual meeting of the paper Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association was held in Suzhou at the same time. More than 300 paper packaging enterprises in Shanghai exchanged development experience with Suzhou and enterprises across the country, learned from each other, jointly discussed development strategies, watched exhibitions and participated in forums to jointly promote the development of China's paper packaging industry

on the whole day of November 5, the electronic industry packaging technical committee of China Packaging Federation and Shanghai Huaning culture will jointly hold the 2013 China Electronic Industry Product Packaging Summit Forum and exhibition fair, which is the annual highest specification China electronic industry product packaging summit, involving the application of color boxes, corrugated boxes and paper honeycomb packaging products in the fields of electronics and household appliances. More than 500 experts, equipment manufacturers, bosses and representatives of paper honeycomb and carton manufacturers gathered in Suzhou to discuss and exchange on the development of the packaging industry of electronic products

on the afternoon of November 6, the second SMM news: it's really busy. The International Cooperation Summit Forum on China's paper packaging industry came on stage, with a year-on-year increase of 23.6%. Carl, Secretary General of the world corrugated box Association, and other authoritative experts discussed three major themes: the history and development trend of the world's corrugated boxes; Laws and technical standards of corrugated box industry in the world; Opinions and suggestions on the development of corrugated box industry in China. This summit forum is one of the highest international cooperation summit forums in China's paper packaging industry so far

the organizer will invite the leaders of top 100 enterprises in China's paper packaging industry of Minghui cup, the CEOs and industry leaders of more than 400 key corrugated box packaging and printing enterprises in China to attend this summit forum. They will have face-to-face exchanges and discussions with leaders, authorities and peers of corrugated associations around the world to promote international cooperation on issues of common concern in employment

on the evening of November 6, the award ceremony for the top 100 paper packaging industry in China, which was held for the third consecutive year with the participation of nearly 1000 representatives from association leaders, enterprise leaders and exhibitors, will be a grand show for the top 40 equipment and material suppliers, top 50 carton and color box enterprises, top 10 creative design brand enterprises and top 10 influential entrepreneurs. The stars will shine on the stage and write the most brilliant chapter of China's paper packaging industry in 2013. They are the elites of China's paper packaging industry. They are the backbone of the development of China's paper packaging industry. They represent the future of China's paper packaging industry. Let's

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