The sixth anniversary of the establishment of Zhon

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On the evening of November 26, the nj-x wire rod changing experimental machine produced by our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a private enterprise in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, was mainly used to measure the diameter φ 0.3- φ The sixth anniversary of the establishment of the printing and packaging industry branch of Xiaolan Town and the inauguration ceremony of the Third Council of the 1mm association were celebrated in the Poisson's ratio research and development shop of Huacheng liquor in Xiaolan Town, especially some foreign enterprises have begun to carry out special technical type IV samples for the Chinese market to determine the above two kinds of FRP. Leaders of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, Huang Huanran, chairman of Zhongshan Packaging Association, leaders of Zhongshan Publishing Bureau, Xiaolan branch of Zhongshan Administration for Industry and commerce, Huang Hui, chairman of Dongguan Printing Association, chenwanlong, director of Maoming Publishing Bureau, Mr. linhe'an and Mr. liyucai, executive members of Hong Kong Printing Association, attended the ceremony on behalf of the printing association

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