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The 6th China International Industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition opened in Tianjin today. The 6th China International Industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition has been strongly supported by the Tianjin Municipal People's government, the people's Government of Binhai New Area and the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone for six consecutive years. Under the joint sponsorship of the machinery industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, Tianjin instrumentation society and Zhenwei exhibition group, a member of the UFI organization, It will be opened at Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 18, 2010

ciai2010 leads the development trend of industrial automation industry. As one of the three major automation exhibitions in China, the exhibition will show the latest, cutting-edge and cutting-edge products and technologies in the automation industry with the theme of innovation, excellence, brand creation and win-win. The exhibition area has improved the current manufacturing industry in California to 50000 square meters. All nine pavilions of Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center will be opened. The net growth scale of the exhibition will exceed 70% year-on-year. 1800 booths will be set up, with a year-on-year growth of more than 50%. More than 1100 enterprises and more than 50000 industry people from around the world will come to visit and participate in the exhibition

In order to explore the application of innovative technologies in the industrial control automation industry, this ciai2010 has gathered a large number of enterprises to exchange needs, cooperate and exchange, and high-tech, precision and advanced instrument enterprises from the fields of petrochemical industry, aerospace, electronic information, automobile manufacturing, energy resources have entered the market one after another. Omron, Yamaha, Xinnong, Siemens, Turk, beijiafu, baluf, Hummer, pirci, Tianyi group, Zhonghuan electronics, Luosheng, Advantech, Hollysys, Ge, sew, Phoenix Contact, rub in Italy, Shitai in Korea, Sanyuan, otonix, Amphenol in the United States, fluke, IMA electronics, SEG, unilide, Rapp, 3D force control, ASUS, Weiqiang, machiyang, Spain Machine Tool Association Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, hating, Baichao, Archie Shamir, Japan Shanshan, Mitsubishi, Han's laser, Tianjin first machinery, Tianjin forging, Qinchuan development and other well-known enterprises in the industry have set up special booths on Ciai. In terms of overseas exhibitors, the top ten exhibition groups from Germany, the United States, Italy, Japan and other places participated in the exhibition, and the Taiwan Exhibition Group became the hot spot of the exhibition with a display area of 600 square meters

in the same period of the exhibition, the latest special computer and accessory technology for industrial control automation, the application of Siemens products and technology in energy conservation and emission reduction, the overall solution of advanced automation technology, the innovation and application of automation and information integration, the development and application of industrial control automation monitoring software technology, and the new technology of green energy-saving computer integrating automation and rock. Win more industrial exchange space for exhibitors and visitors

low carbon energy conservation leads the green trend of automation industry

industrial control automation technology is the link with the lowest energy consumption and emission and the highest technical content in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is also a cross-sectional science and technology serving various aspects and fields of human society. With the continuous strengthening of technological innovation and Application, industrial control automation technology will make great contributions to the sustainable development of society in the era of low-carbon economy. Energy saving and emission reduction technologies in the industrial control industry have been developed to a deeper level. Marching towards energy saving and emission reduction technologies is the development direction of every industrial control enterprise. Various energy saving and emission reduction products will also be presented at this exhibition

HIWIN linear guide rail, ball screw and other products introduced by Tianjin Luosheng are famous for energy saving in the industry and have won Taiwan gold awards for many times. In addition, the Atlanta worm gear reducer with an efficiency of more than 95% and the few domestic coupling products meeting ROHS environmental protection standards will become the cutting-edge highlights in the exhibits. Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronic Computer Co., Ltd. provides system solutions for energy, environmental protection, rail transit, modern manufacturing and other industries, and has indirectly saved 100000 tons of standard coal for various customers

the number of enterprises in this exhibition reached a new high, which was the largest in previous exhibitions. Many enterprises, in combination with the trend of the times, bent over the research and development of low-carbon and energy-saving industries and launched green automation industrial products. During the exhibition, the organizing committee explored the future of green manufacturing from a forward-looking perspective. It will focus on displaying a number of advanced and applicable project achievements and innovative products in the fields of low-carbon technologies and new materials, and turn the exhibition into a green and low-carbon exhibition. It will highlight the concept of realizing green growth through technological innovation, and promote the docking of low-carbon technology energy conservation and emission reduction projects, so as to realize low-carbon exhibition arrangement and low-carbon travel, Fully demonstrate the achievements of low-carbon and energy-saving industries

As the gathering place of the world's top 500, Binhai New Area has invited Toyota, Samsung, Motorola, abb, Otis and other enterprises in the electronic industry, aviation petrochemical, automobile manufacturing and other fields to visit and purchase, and has closely cooperated with the people's Government of Binhai New Area, Tianjin Municipal Commission of commerce and the Commission of economy and information technology to invite the foreign economic relations and Trade Commission of Dongli District, Tianjin Tianjin Wuqing District Investment Promotion Bureau, Tianjin Port Group, Tianjin Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Tianjin Xiqing Economic Development Zone, Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone, Tianjin Beichen Science and Technology Park, Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin Baodi Economic Development Zone, Tianjin Hangu Industrial Park, Binhai high tech Industrial Development Zone, Jingbin Industrial Park, Zhongbei Industrial Park, Jiuyuan Industrial Park More than 30 industrial parks and development zones in Tianjin and around Bohai Sea, including the military grain City Industrial Park, Wuqing Auto Parts Industrial Park, Tianjin carpet demonstration Industrial Park, China Bicycle Kingdom Industrial Park, etc., attended the meeting to seek common development with domestic and foreign enterprises

unless absolutely necessary

ciai2010 is about to be held, all enterprises are well dressed for departure. It is believed that each of the most advanced and safe automation technology products presented in this national automation exhibition will bring a new shock to every visitor to this exhibition. The influence and importance of the exhibition are clearly visible. The business community predicts that the Ciai exhibition in 2011 will be more brilliant. Wonderful can not be missed, ciai2010 sincerely look forward to your presence! In 2011, Ciai will be more wonderful

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