The successful conclusion of the 2019 spring tour

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On April 24, 2019, in order to strengthen the company's cultural construction, enhance the team spirit and cohesion, and show the positive, healthy and upward spirit of the company's team, Meigu doors and windows held a spring tour group construction activity

On April 24, 2019, in order to strengthen the cultural construction of the company, enhance the spirit of teamwork and cohesion, show the positive, healthy and upward spirit of the company team, and enrich everyone's spare time life, Meigu doors and windows are on earth in April. At that time, a spring tour group construction activity was held under the warm sun and breeze

this is a group of lovely, positive and enterprising Meigu people

set out from the suspended water lake

six groups of team members, a family, a united Meigu people,

set out to the suspended water lake,

all the way, everyone laughed and laughed,

each face was filled with a brilliant smile,

the mood was extremely relaxed and happy,

the relaxation of life is the poetry and distance we want

the division of labor according to their respective duties,

the orderly travel,

shows the spirit of unity and cooperation of Meigu people

cooking competition

when they arrived at the destination, the team members of each group were in good order, from cutting, frying to placing the dishes, in an orderly manner. With the knife up and down, frying and cooking, the employees showed their skills, Playing a harmonious and happy "pot bowl Symphony" "Make excellent, fragrant and delicious special dishes.

cooking competition brings us not only excellent delicious dishes, but also the taste of cooking carefully in front of the stove and in the platter. We share, experience and understand, but the food and feelings can't be disappointed. Let's live and work together, bring good door and window products for thousands of families, and start a better life.

frying, cooking and tasting all kinds of flavors in the world

you salt sauce vinegar exhibition staff style,

food and feelings,

should not be let down

the champion of the cooking competition is coming

game battle

busy work needs happiness to adjust. Games can always make us return to the fun of childhood. For this reason, the company has set up five game projects: "every seven must pass, guessing game, duck on the road, bicycle slow ride Poker tournament ", the way of game is rich and colorful, and everyone cooperates with each other, which not only reaps laughter, but also tests the reaction ability and teamwork ability of employees. Those stories about friendship, life and the future will ferment and sublimate here, which may be the charm of Meigu people.

every seven must pass

guessing game

duck on the road

bicycle slow ride

poker game

warm ending

although the happy time is short, we have gained a rich experience. This spring League building activity is full of surprise, excitement and joy. Everyone has successfully completed all the set tasks and enhanced the collective sense of honor and team cohesion. Condense heart, gather strength and develop vitality; 2019, set sail from the "heart" and create brilliance again! There is no strongest individual, only the strongest team. We are the Migo family

Meigu doors and windows serves customers, employees, life and quality. Meigu doors and windows will never stop




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