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Isalai 2015 national 100 City linkage president signing event was held grandly

special analysis of isalay 2015 national hundred cities linkage president signing meeting

hundred cities linkage [reason] 1

Mr. Lin Jiarong, marketing director of the company, said: "This' 425 national hundred cities linkage ・ president signing meeting 'activity is an important part of the' 2015 big marketing strategy 'of the company headquarters, and it is also another major action of isalay after the' 518 Shandong Province linkage signing meeting 'in 2014! It is the first time in the whole curtain fabric industry! It will be a major event recorded in the history of the industry! Isalay curtain franchise headquarters selected 100 stores from more than 500 franchised stores nationwide to participate in this activity! In order to fully implement the deployment of this event to each store, the company held the North Station launch conference and the South Station launch conference in Yantai, Shandong Province and Changsha, Hunan Province, respectively, and specially invited teachers Zhou Jun and Martin from Shanghai win-win planning organization to visit the Changsha and Yantai venues to share the actual dry goods!! The enthusiasm of all stores to participate is very high! "

(Baicheng linkage launch conference ・ North Station)

(Baicheng linkage launch conference ・ South Station)

Baicheng linkage [launch] 2

on March 30 and April 1, 2015, the 2015 "national Baicheng linkage ・ president signing meeting" national launch conference of isalay fabric was grandly held at Tianyue hotel in Yantai, Shandong Province and Lushan hotel in Changsha, Hunan Province, respectively! Nearly 100 franchised store owners from all over the country took part in the kick-off meeting of this activity with a total of more than 300 key employees in the store

at the launch conference, President Lin elaborated on the activity strategy of isalay in the first half of 2015, which enabled everyone to find a new direction of brand active marketing in the market environment of frequent end market activities and intensified vicious competition! In addition, President Lin also made a detailed explanation of the program content of this linkage activity

in order to let everyone have a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the implementation details and Strategies of this activity, Mr. Zhou Jun, the God of marketing in the home building materials industry, and Mr. Martin, the special lecturer, comprehensively and carefully shared the essence of how to increase the store entry rate, how to improve store sales and team internal skills during the implementation of the activity, all of which are the essence of practical dry goods

the smooth convening of the national launch conference not only indicates the official and full opening of isalay fabric's 2015 "national 100 City linkage ・ president signing meeting" in the national market! It also marks that isalai fabric art has entered a new era of marketing in the fabric curtain industry since then! First entered the curtain fabric industry "national marketing era"

(isalai flagship store in Yantai, Shandong)

(isalai flagship store in Chaozhou, Guangdong)

(isalai flagship store in Anqiu, Shandong)

(isalai flagship store in Yiyang, Hunan)

(isalai flagship store in Huangdao, Shandong)

100 City linkage [publicity] 3

100 City linkage as the first national activity of the industry, in addition to the usual sweeping action, In this event, a new publicity and promotion method of wechat promotion was adopted. We have fully catered to the development of the times and the needs of consumers. We use wechat soft text promotion, wechat red envelope and other online promotion methods to promote 100 cities in an all-round and three-dimensional way. The effect is so great that the customer storage effect has reached an excellent state. This time, isalai has the courage to try in the publicity method. With this experience, I believe that isalai will definitely be like a duck to water and add wings to the tiger in the next event, Create a higher peak

(Shanxi Yuncheng isalai flagship store)

(Guangdong Chaozhou isalai Baicheng linkage section decoration)

(gifts piled up like a mountain)

(infinite creativity! Isalai logo pieced together on the promotional page)

Baicheng linkage [site] 4

Shandong Yantai Huaxin isalai is the main venue of this Baicheng linkage. The activity starts with a shocking water inspiration, and customers' enthusiasm continues to rise with the acceleration of drums, Immediately after that, it entered the highlight performance of the event. Eight beautiful models appeared on the stage wearing eight of the 12 main curtains of the event, and beautiful scenery appeared in front of everyone. Then, with the vibration of the music, people's eyes also focused on one place. Mr. Xia Haifeng, President of isalai, walked onto the stage with a smile and extended warm greetings to the customers who supported isalai all over the country, At this point, the "425 hundred cities linkage ・ president signing meeting" officially entered the climax. The president personally announced the mysterious discount price, and began the long-awaited "President signing" by customers all over the country

this event is the first nationwide linkage of the curtain industry. 100 isalay curtain franchise stores across the country are held at the same time. The scale and scope of the event have reached an unprecedented level. More importantly, the customers' response to this event is excellent, which proves the success of this "425 hundred cities linkage ・ president signing meeting". I believe that isalay can hold this kind of event more successfully next time, Bring more affordable discount prices to customers, and bring higher popularity and richer returns to isalay's franchisees all over the country

hundred cities linkage [effect and Impact] 5

"hundred cities linkage" is a kind of "catalyst". In this event, the partners of isalay, the top ten curtain brands, in regional stores across the country, have become more and more closely connected with the headquarters and partners in other regions. For store partners, this activity makes their team cooperation more and more close, and the team has been trained, which means that in the future, the team can slowly start to implement single store activities by relying on its own strength. Single store activities are a trend in the future, and being able to implement single store activities is a witness of strength, which is also a gift to the team from "hundred cities linkage"; At the same time, this "100 City linkage" is also a very powerful publicity. "100 City linkage" is the first activity in the fabric curtain industry, and its scope is unique. It is a major move for isalay to lead the development direction of the industry. Driven by this powerful activity, isalay's franchise store has a very high influence in the local area, which is a kind of brand strength publicity

this "hundred cities linkage" is a prehistoric activity of the industry. It is the first super large-scale activity launched by isalai and held nationwide. It has made a leading step for the fabric curtain industry, which is a feat of isalai. At the end of this activity, the win-win situation was presented. Consumers received the huge benefits and services brought by isalai, and the franchised stores received publicity and team training. Isalai successfully took a big step in the industry, leading the development of the industry and opening up a new chapter in the industry. Therefore, this "425 national hundred cities linkage ・ president signing meeting" was successfully held. Finally, We believe that isalai can open a new chapter in history again in the next event, bringing more surprises and greater miracles

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