Oushennuo ceramics 9. I'll come soon

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Oushennuo ceramics: "9" wait, I'll come

is not only a pattern, but also an attitude

to achieve the style of everyone

you must produce large-scale tiles

Oushennuo 900x900mm large-size ceramic tiles sugE series

larger pattern, higher quality

bring "great differences" in high-quality life

Gold specification, constant 9 beauty

Gold specification, constant 9 beauty

"9" is the largest single digit number in Arabic numerals, with top-level and peak meaning

in Chinese culture, the number 9 has the meaning of eternity and auspiciousness. It is a symbol of identity and status

Oushennuo 900x900mm large-size ceramic tile sugE series takes the meaning of "9", endows the product with a beautiful meaning, and creates the gold specification of ceramic tiles

sugE 900x900mm large size ceramic tiles

can be cut at will, and the application is changeable

900x900mm can be cut and extended to a variety of specifications at will, 300 × 300mm、450 × 450mm、450 × 900mm、300 × 900mm、600 × 900mm、225 × 900mm、675 × 900 and other ceramic tiles, or mix and match with other products for innovation, can make the space more layered

less seams, beautiful and concise

in the same area of space, 900x900mm large-size products have less seams than small-size products, which is not easy to leave dirt, greatly reducing the workload of ceramic tile cleaning, and the space effect is more beautiful

sugE 900mm large-size tiles pk600mm large-size tiles

go up the wall and down the ground at will

900x900mm large-size tiles carry more texture elements, and the decoration effect is more vivid and three-dimensional

whether it's an 80 ㎡ petty bourgeois family, a 200 ㎡ high-end villa, or a 500 ㎡ business hall, it can be easily controlled as a floor tile or as a background wall

space appreciation

big times, big specifications. Oushennuo 900 gold suger series is about to shock the market, please look forward




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