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Nowadays, rattan sliding doors are quietly popular. This kind of sliding door is an improved version of the hand woven sliding door. It puts on a glass coat outside the sliding door woven with vines, wood chips or bamboo chips. It not only has a much more delicate appearance, but also changes the shortcomings of the weak dust isolation ability of the hand woven sliding door in the past. Clement's rattan sliding door is frosted inside the interlayer to form a stripe pattern, which makes its temperament lively and lively

Lvyuan leisure rattan art imperial concubine chair

the original rattan art is the favorite of Southeast Asian style home furnishings. This set of leisure imperial concubine chair of Lvyuan rattan art is mainly in the original rattan color, but it is painted with the bright red commonly used in European style home furnishings at the corners. In terms of carving technology and detail processing, it integrates the natural and implicit style of Southeast Asia and the calm and luxurious style of Ireland

the hues of Southeast Asian style homes are mostly dark colors such as brown, like the simplicity of soil. Some people may feel monotonous in visual experience, but with the colorful fabric, the effect is very different. The decorative effect of this fabric curtain of mejule is very prominent, and its charm is more unique when combined with the decorative style of Southeast Asia




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