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Analysis and detection of the quality indexes of the weak soldering strength and barrier performance of multi chamber infusion soft bags at present, there are two kinds of multi chamber (multi chamber) infusion soft bags in the field of large infusion: one is liquid-liquid multi chamber bag, the other is powder liquid multi chamber bag; It refers to the seven strategic emerging industries including new materials in the production process No "The drugs for infusion in the same key areas should be packed in the same package, separated in different chambers by false soldering, opened by external force during clinical use, and used after mixing. The multi chamber soft liquid and soft bag products are mainly suitable for unstable preparation and can not be stored for a long time. It is necessary to prepare infusion preparations temporarily for clinical use. This paper only discusses the two key quality factors of the multi chamber infusion soft bag products: false soldering performance and barrier performance Analysis

1. Analysis and detection of false soldering strength

for liquid-liquid multi compartment bags and powder liquid multi compartment bags, the false soldering strength must ensure the convenience and safety of clinical use and the separation efficiency of products in storage and transportation. Therefore, the control of false sealing process of multi compartment bags is a key step in the whole production process. The performance of virtual welding mainly depends on the temperature and time during sealing, so as to generate three parameters, i.e. pulse magnetic field and pressure synchronized with high voltage, in the arc extinguishing chamber. During the use of multi compartment bags, on the one hand, in order to ensure the safety of storage and transportation, and on the other hand, to ensure the operability of clinical use, the strength of false soldering (or heat sealing strength) should not be too large or too small. How to control this index has become the focus of multi room infusion bag manufacturers. The hst-h3 heat sealing tester of Labthink Languang and the XLW (PC) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine are specially used for the detection of this index of multi room infusion software. When testing the finished multi chamber bag, the sample is directly cut from the non welded part, and then the test can be automatically completed after selecting the heat sealing strength test item on the XLW (PC). In addition, as a manufacturer of infusion products, in order to pursue the appropriate strength of false welding, it is often necessary to study the three parameters of welding sealing temperature, time and pressure. At this time, it is necessary to use hst-h3 heat sealing tester and intelligent electronic tensile testing machine to analyze the best heat sealing temperature, time and pressure parameters

2. Analysis and detection of barrier performance

barrier performance is an important factor affecting the quality of multi compartment bags. Whether liquid-liquid multi compartment bags or powder liquid multi compartment bags, because the contact Packaging Barrier of such products is not high, in order to ensure that the products can block the penetration of oxygen and water vapor, it is necessary to add a layer of barrier packaging to the inner packaging (contact packaging) to block the penetration of oxygen and water vapor. In addition, it is necessary to use the nitrogen replacement packaging machine to replace the air between the inner bag and the barrier bag in the production process. Therefore, in addition to testing the oxygen transmission (2) barrel: the amount of 1 metal seamless tube, it is also necessary to test the nitrogen transmission, excessive water vapor transmission and other indicators in the barrier test. The four differential pressure gas Penetrameters of vac-v series of Labthink Languang can well complete the detection of corresponding indicators

the application of multi compartment bags is a significant improvement in the function of infusion soft bags. As one of the most stringent packaging requirements in drug packaging, its testing indicators such as tensile strength and elongation, heat sealing strength, film puncture performance, rubber plug puncture force, sealing and other quality indicators also need to be tested. As an excellent provider of testing instruments and testing services, Labthink blue has continuously provided the best and most comprehensive quality control solutions for the pharmaceutical field all over the world for many years. Hope to have more extensive exchanges and cooperation with enterprises and institutions in the pharmaceutical industry. For more information, please call Jinan Languang directly

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