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Many departments have cooperated with Wuhu City to carry out on-site acceptance of charging facilities for new energy vehicles in public places

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Anhui Dawan client news learned from Wuhu Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development that on the morning of December 4, according to the notice of Wuhu Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development on carrying out the acceptance of electric vehicle charging facilities in Wuhu, Wuhu Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development cooperated with Wuhu Science and Technology Bureau, natural resources and Planning Bureau, development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, economic and Information Bureau and other relevant departments, The charging infrastructure at the lease point of the first people's hospital operated by Anhui Yikai automobile operation Co., Ltd. was accepted on site

the acceptance items are five AC charging piles with a single pile power of 14kwh. The charging equipment shall meet the following requirements: the construction, management, operation and third-party testing units shall all come to the site for questioning. The acceptance of new energy vehicle charging facilities installed in public places in Wuhu will be carried out in succession according to the application of the project unit. According to the acceptance regulations, before the on-site acceptance, the acceptance team carefully checked the acceptance data of the applicant and listened to the report on the operation of the charging infrastructure of the applicant

the acceptance team focused on checking the project construction plan, the acceptance data organized by the applicant, and the third-party testing tension is limited to 200 Newtons to avoid collision Timely liquidate the jaw sundries and provide the qualified report and other application materials provided by the institution. The acceptance team urges all parties of the charging facilities to seriously perform the work safety, practically strengthen the daily operation and maintenance management of the charging facilities, and eliminate the potential safety hazards during the use of the charging facilities. Xin'an evening news Anhui Dawan client Sunrui

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