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Mo Xinnong: the service industry interconnection has completely changed the construction machinery marketing & post market pattern Mo Xinnong: the service industry interconnection has completely changed the construction machinery marketing & post market pattern China Construction machinery information on October, 2019, the 2019 China Construction Machinery post market conference was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. With the theme of "sustainable development in changing circumstances", the conference gathered well-known experts, scholars and industry elites from inside and outside the industry, We will jointly discuss how manufacturers, agents and technical service providers in the macro political, economic environment and industry changes at home and abroad view the changes, how to embrace the changes, how to cross the cycle and achieve sustainable development

professor moxinnong, a visiting professor of Tsinghua University and chief consultant of the industrial interconnection branch, was specially invited to give a keynote speech on "serving industrial interconnection to completely change the market pattern of construction machinery after marketing". The following is the speech record

professor moxinnong, visiting professor of Tsinghua University and chief consultant of industrial interconnection branch, distinguished leaders, good afternoon! Today, I am honored to participate in this grand meeting to discuss the future development direction of China's construction machinery. At present, everyone is thinking about a problem: how can we jump out of the circle and find new ways of development

eight years ago, when the state promoted informatization and the integration of the two modernizations, foreign countries suddenly proposed to carry out the fourth industrial revolution. The first is mechanization; Automation for the second time; The third is to use information technology. So what kind of production mode will the fourth industrial revolution be? If this problem is not solved clearly, it may already be the object of elimination

therefore, I am thinking about using intelligent technology, not just information technology, to continue the road of the third industrial revolution with intelligent technology. What will happen? What is the difference between the two industrial revolutions? In other words, when we talk about overtaking at a curve, where is the road? Where is the bend? If we go the same way, is it still called overtaking on the curve? So let's talk about it

where is the "bend" of the fourth industrial revolution

obviously, we see that the product centered mass production mode has caused overcapacity, which will inevitably lead to a price war. Do you accept my statement? There is overcapacity. Everyone is desperately trying to expand their market share. What can you do without a price war? So the obvious thing about this road is that something has gone wrong. However, we are still late in realizing it. Ten years ago, developed countries realized it because they had already lost the price war with China. Eight years ago, Siemens, a developed country, proposed that it should take the intelligent road instead of the information road. He does not use productivity to expand production capacity, but uses it for user-centered personalized customization. If it is customized, is it still useful for you to copy it? If you copy it, will that user still buy it? Personalized manufacturing is not only manufacturing, but also a series of changes along with sales and service. In other words, as soon as the production mode of personalized customization is launched, the traditional sales service method with informatization as the core will be eliminated. Therefore, this "Tao" is a production mode. From mass production to personalized customization, bending is the amount of production. I don't see how much I produce, but how many loyal users I have

overtaking on a curve does not mean overtaking on the same lane. As a developing country, we started late, and our mechanization is late. However, on the road of intelligence, although we turned a little late, we found the right direction, and with the diligence of the Chinese people, it is possible to surpass. This transcendence is based on the balance between productivity and market demand. More than 130 years ago, Max said that the productivity of the future society must be greatly improved. At that time, each person will take what he needs. Taking what you need is personalized customization. In the future society, we will do what the users want. The most commonly used 5V supply voltage is that the users do not do what they do not want

typical case of personalized customization -- Qingdao red collar suit

does the fourth industrial revolution have to go step by step? This is Qingdao red collar. What you can see is that it is operated manually. There is only one machine. The sewing machine is electric. It is the level of the first industrial revolution. However, it has changed more than 40 parameters into more than 10000 parameters by means of information technology. These more than 10000 parameters flow freely on the industrial interconnection. This first-class becomes personalized customization. The time is shortened, the cost is reduced, and the output is increased, At this time, no one else can compete with him. That is to say, the level of the first industrial revolution jumped to the level of the fourth industrial revolution. Many people may disagree that it is not called intelligent manufacturing, and each has its own point of view

in my opinion, this "bend" is to change the focus from product to user, so all relationships have changed. Originally, all people revolve around products, but now it has become user centered. The core of the manufacturing industry has changed. All design, production and sales must revolve around users, which has changed the production mode. This is the fourth industrial revolution, and this is intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing does not mean buying a lot of sophisticated equipment

user centered product design case: Haier's R & D model transformation - data driven

for example, how does Haier do it? It changes the design process. After repeated iterations of user requirements, it gives users an experience. This experience is what we call the virtual environment on the industrial Internet. This virtual environment can let users know whether it is what they need. So they began to place orders, manufacture and iterate. Therefore, Haier has completed the process from product centered to user centered. The original step-by-step approval has become the same goal, and the salary is the same. As a result, 30000 middle-level jobs in Haier have been wiped out, that is to say, in the fourth industrial revolution, some jobs will be eliminated, so the impact is far-reaching

on this table, you can understand that all equipment and parts on the earth are intelligent. What this equipment can do, what it is doing, and what it can do next will be very clear. This means that production will be distributed in the future. This is not because many enterprises have invested a lot of money in the experiments of tensile strength and elongation at break, making the enterprises and plants very intelligent

user centered product service cases

how to find customers? For example, from Beijing to Shenyang, how many times the drivers stepped on the accelerator and brakes along the way, and how much fuel was consumed during the transportation process, all the data were counted. After the statistics were given to the boss, the boss would know which of the 100 employees was fuel-efficient and which was fuel-efficient. Speaking with numbers and conducting training, the overall fuel consumption was reduced by 50%, which was a net profit. Actively provide services to users with data analysis, and the users will not be able to run away

similarly, the current sales, especially in the construction machinery industry, are all driving to find customers, so your cost will be very high. However, you can calculate several thousand or tens of thousands of devices together. You can calculate the customer's work wherever each device is. You can't find it. With such an existing sales model, your job will certainly be ruined in front of the Internet

maintenance is the same. Within the specified range, using big data for calculation, the first actual failure time of the equipment is far longer than its original time, so the maintenance period has changed from one year to three years, so all the maintenance costs are included in the maintenance company. In the future, when the Internet is built, all areas will cooperate with each other, and one maintenance personnel will take a trip, so that different brands can be repaired in a unified way. For spare parts, a spare parts warehouse can be established in a unified way. Big data can provide the basis for how many spare parts are needed, so the cost will come down

therefore, in order to establish such an industrial interconnection, the commercial consumer interconnection has been very successful. For example, Alibaba cloud has many servers. At the same time, when purchasing the hydraulic universal testing machine, we not only see the appearance to judge the samples, but also need to build a set of industrial interconnection system in the construction machinery industry, which is much more complex than the commercial consumption interconnection

intelligent manufacturing calls for new industrial software

an industrial big data platform can be built on different cloud planes. There are collected, stored, and general-purpose software that can be built and simulated. I can also put the production, delivery, and maintenance software on this platform. The bottom layer is big data maintenance

I will not be facing one country in the future. I will be facing the world. This user is in the United States. Do I have to finish it in China and send it? Haier is more advanced. It has more than 50 smart factories around the world. Different orders are produced in different places. Therefore, this distributed production is bound to be the development trend in the future. Therefore, you also need to have such an industrial interconnected production module built on the resonance platform of big data forecast meeting. You can calculate the sales, tell the operator the product operating parameters, and tell you how to save fuel and how to avoid failures. Failures can be calculated, and the performance distribution can also be calculated

what is the price war at this time? I have managed all the user data well, so he won't care about the price any more

since interconnection has three functional areas, including design industry interconnection, production industry interconnection and service industry interconnection, these three Interconnection Technologies and investment thresholds are different, and the same gains are also different

industrial interconnection of Intelligent Manufacturing: the three functional areas

as we all know, the profit margin of production is the lowest. During the manufacturing process, the profit that can be obtained is far less than that of design and service

here, we rise to the theory, that is, from mass production to personalized production. At this time, the relationship between productivity and production will change from sales to service. Productivity and relations of production are a pair of "contradictions". The previous three industrial revolutions focused on improving productivity, and the relations of production have not changed. The fourth industrial revolution emphasized that it was not the productive forces but the change of our relations of production, that is, the relationship between buying and selling had become a relationship of service. Since this relationship has changed, considering the perspective of the problem, the solution to the problem will be completely different

how to solve the current price war? If we continue to use the existing relations of production, we will all end up broken. If we readjust the relations of production, is it possible to avoid a price war? This is the path we need to explore. That is to say, when the fourth industrial revolution comes, there is no ready-made path for us to follow. Instead, it will create an opportunity for us, for scholars, entrepreneurs, and everyone. You should break a new path

unity of opposites between productivity and production relations in the construction machinery industry

I understand the productivity and production relations of construction machinery as follows: the production relations have changed. Instead of trying to expand production capacity, reduce production costs and go to a larger market, they have become to know what users need, try to meet them and give users better products

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