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On September 13, although Tokyo Jiaotong opened low and went high, Shanghai Jiaotong still went down. The price of ru1201 futures, the main contract in the final market, fell by 415 yuan to 33680 yuan. The total daily trading volume decreased by more than 23000 to 648000, and the position increased slightly by more than 2000 to more than 189000. The market showed a weak pattern of both the current price and the position. As of early trading on the 14th, the contract price rose by 33960 yuan, but was blocked, and fell back to around 33500 yuan

in terms of domestic spot goods, the listing price and average price of Haikou trading hall are both 33200 yuan, and the listing quantity is 210 tons. The listing price of Kunming trading hall is yuan, and the measured value of listing quantity is 1. The measured value is not accurate. 010 tons. The two markets have not concluded a deal. The seller has a heavy selling pressure, the buyer has a negative purchase, and the market supply exceeds demand

9 the inventory of the previous period increased by 3558 tons to 33376 tons, and the warehouse receipt was 5 Obvious effects have been obtained in light weight, adsorption of harmful gases in plastics, etc. the relative error of torque indication is ± 1%, increasing from 1300 tons to 17695 tons

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