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Gansu Province has invested a total of 600million yuan to jointly promote "green packaging for express delivery"

recently, Gansu Provincial Postal Administration, in conjunction with the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Commission of industry and information technology, the Department of environmental protection, the Department of Commerce, the Department of housing and urban rural development, the Department of science and technology, the entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, etc., issued the implementation opinions on jointly promoting green packaging in the express industry, Multiple departments jointly promote the implementation of green packaging for express delivery

the opinions pointed out that the express business volume of the whole province is growing rapidly, the volume of local agricultural products transported through the mail and delivery channels is increasing, the total amount of packaging is huge and various, and the impact of packaging waste on the environment is becoming more and more serious. Properly handling the express packaging problem is of great significance for saving resources, protecting the environment and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the express industry

the opinions put forward that the revitalization of the real economy is the basic point of a powerful country in combination with the needs of the province for mailing and delivering packaging such as the rich variety of special agricultural products and the characteristics of different types of green packaging materials, and formulate highly operable packaging improvement measures. In combination with the actual development, actively carry out green brand awareness in the express industry, further expand the packaging pilot demonstration and policy innovation. These include: improving the implementation level of green packaging regulations and standards, strengthening the use and utilization capacity of express green packaging products, implementing the pilot demonstration plan of green packaging in the express industry, improving the resource sharing mechanism among green packaging related industries, and strengthening the publicity, guidance, education and training of green packaging in the express industry

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