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The application of AMS and tran in automobile product development

ams is widely used in the kinematics and dynamics analysis of suspension system, steering system, power transmission system and the whole vehicle with its powerful vehicle dynamics simulation technology. Tran plays an important role in the automobile structure analysis with its mature finite element calculation technology. Combining the respective technical advantages of Adams and tran, the joint application of Adams and tran to the vehicle brand has produced the largest change dynamics analysis and vehicle structure analysis in the history. It is a new technical trend, which can provide higher precision calculation results and more in-depth analysis conclusions for vehicle product development, and plays an increasingly obvious role in product development

1. simulation of suspension system and steering system

in the analysis of vehicle dynamics, it is particularly important to establish a high-precision suspension system and steering system, especially the stiffness, damping and motion performance of the suspension system are related to the vibration characteristics and handling stability of the whole vehicle, which is the focus of modeling. In the simulation of various suspensions, it is difficult to model the leaf spring. Generally, few leaf springs have strong nonlinear characteristics, and many leaf springs have the defect of too large model freedom due to the large number of pieces. The leaf spring model built by chassis/leftspring toolkit has poor accuracy, and the interface with adams/car is inconvenient. To solve these problems, we have developed a set of relatively perfect leaf spring modeling method, which has high precision and few degrees of freedom, and is widely used in various truck dynamics analysis

2. vehicle dynamics analysis

the basis of vehicle dynamics analysis is to establish correct suspension system, steering system, power train, tire model, road model and driver operation instructions. For the power train, if only its power output is considered, a relatively simple model can be established; If the working process of engine (torque and speed characteristics under different throttle opening), clutch and gearbox is considered in detail, a complex model needs to be established. For tires, to conduct handling and stability analysis, longitudinal force and slip ratio, lateral force and sideslip angle (including the influence of different camber angles) under different loads and tire pressures, righting force torsion and sideslip angle, or the relationship between experimental radial stiffness and load of the next wheel can be tested, using MF of TNO_ Tool kit to fit the characteristics of tires; If the whole vehicle vibration analysis is required, the corresponding tire vibration test shall be carried out by using swift_ Tool kit, or F_ Tyre tool kit to fit the characteristics of tyres. For the pavement, it is difficult to simulate the pavement with arbitrary roughness. By combining professional signal processing software with self-developed software, we have developed a set of relatively perfect pavement generation methods, which can well solve this problem

3. automobile structure analysis

tran is widely used in automobile structure analysis, especially in the structural strength, stiffness, modal and response analysis of body frame. The key to the finite element modeling of the frame is the simulation of the connection relationship (bolt, riveting, welding) and the suspension. It is difficult to analyze the structure of car body, mainly the simulation of welding relationship and working conditions. Using professional pre-processing software, high-quality lattice can be established and welding relationship can be simulated. The static strength and stiffness analysis of the body frame structure is the basis for the evaluation of the automobile structure, and the establishment of the boundary conditions, load and result evaluation criteria for the static strength analysis of the body frame structure is the key point; At the same time, in the structural stiffness analysis of the body frame, not only the overall stiffness evaluation, but also the local stiffness evaluation of the window frame, door frame, door, upper and lower column joints, etc; Modal analysis is the basis of dynamic characteristic evaluation of body frame. Different vehicle types have different requirements for the natural frequency and vibration mode of body frame. It is very important to determine the modal parameters of body frame in the process of vehicle development; For the vehicle finite element model with body frame, the modal response analysis is generally carried out, and the structural response (stress, strain, strain energy, acceleration, etc.) of the body frame is deeply analyzed from the time domain and frequency domain

4. dynamic modeling of rigid flexible hybrid

for complex vehicle dynamic conditions, it is difficult to use finite element software to calculate the dynamic problems of the structure, especially if the motion of the mechanism is complex and there are nonlinear characteristics, and the stress of the structure in the motion process should be examined, the finite element software cannot directly deal with such problems. This kind of problem can be well solved through the joint application of stran and ADAMS software. Using tran to generate the flexible body required by Adams, the rigid flexible hybrid dynamic model of the whole vehicle is established in ADAMS to simulate any complex dynamic conditions, and the dynamic calculation results are returned to tran to further study the dynamic response of the structure

5. other applications

ams and tran are not only widely used in vehicle dynamics and structural finite element, but also can perform vibration analysis well. They also have convenient interfaces with fatigue analysis software. At the same time, they are more and more used in special vehicles

6. conclusion

msc Adams and tran have been widely and deeply applied in Foton. CAE has become an important link in the process of product development and an important means to improve design ability and quality improvement ability. On the basis of the in-depth application of Adams and tran, combined with their technical advantages, through the joint application of the two, the vehicle dynamics and vehicle structure analysis under various complex working conditions can be well carried out, providing better technical support for vehicle development. Through the long-term application of Adams and tran software in Foton, CAE and product design have become an organic whole, playing an important role in reducing product development cost, shortening development cycle, improving design level, ball screw, sensor, electromechanical, software and hardware, transmission system of electronic universal experimental machine are important components of the experimental machine, and avoiding design defects. (end)

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