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The Italian stop of the Casaro design tour across the world has been successfully completed. Next, the Casaro tour group will go to Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries famous for their distinctive culture, architecture and design, and explore more possibilities of design

April is a month of design carnival. On April 9, the 58th Milan International Furniture Exhibition was grandly held in fashionable and charming Milan. At the same time, the Milan design week, a peripheral exhibition, was also launched simultaneously. Milan design week, one of the well deserved top design exhibitions, not only brings together top design brands here, but also breeds many cutting-edge designers. The annual satellite exhibition has become the starting point for the design dream of cutting-edge designers

since the satellite exhibition was set up at Milan Furniture Exhibition in 1998, this year's satellite exhibition ushered in its 22nd birthday. This is the 22nd time that cutting-edge designers under the age of 35 from all over the world have gathered at this top design event, and 550 young talents have become the protagonists of the 22nd satellite exhibition. This year's satellite exhibition, with the theme of "taking food as the design object", aims to encourage young people to realize their ideas in their own designs in an all-round way and incubate more intelligent, practical and achievable projects

in the 10th cutting-edge design award held at this year's satellite exhibition, three works with the most design charm were selected, namely, KULI from Japan - the Kobe leader project of KULI, the halo project of Philipp hainke studio in Germany, and the 2.5 dimensional objects of Baku sakashiita in Japan

KULI KULI from Japan won the first prize for the Kobe leather project

the studio of designer KULI KULI is located in Kobe, Japan, which is famous for its meat products. Through cooperation with local tanners, they transformed the traditionally unsuitable cow leather into a series of new products and put forward a collection of new products. KULI - the Kobe leather project designed by KULI creates a design system using materials based on the recovery process, which can be applied to a wide range of product types

the halo project of Philipp hainke studio from Germany won the second prize

the halo chair designed by Philipp hainke studio is made of light materials made of hemp and casein. They designed this work mainly to show the strength and development potential of the lightweight material made of hemp and casein developed in their organico research project. As the official evaluation of them: in the broadest sense, halo chair is a model of design, calling for a comprehensive study of materials, forms, functions and production methods

the 2.5 dimensional objects project of Baku sakashiita from Japan won the third prize

these 2.5-dimensional objects are three-dimensional line structures, which look like two-dimensional black lines drawn on flat paper. This visual illusion comes from a wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm. The complex artistic abstraction of the project is really surprising, and it also shows different potentials in further development and application

in addition, there are many cutting-edge design works on site. These works either display the continuous and effective use of materials and products, or break through research and technological innovation, or trigger people's reflection on the challenging future

nebula lamp project

the lamp similar to the interstellar dust cloud in space is made by studiomirei, a designer from Italy, using banana fiber. The design principle is to treat the fabric according to its inherent characteristics

RE. Bean coffee stool project

this coffee stool is made of coffee grounds collected locally by designers. It not only has the unique aroma and touch of coffee, but also is 100% biodegradable, which perfectly corresponds to the theme of "taking food as the design object", and integrates experiment and function

koko loko project

koko loko project is designed for children. Each loko is composed of eight elements. Changing the combination can change the function and appearance of the product

Milan design week is the wind vane of global design, where design, creativity, taste, technology, fashion and trend are fully reflected. Excellent world designs and products, especially the new generation of design works, indicate the development trend and market change trend of the design industry in the next few years, and have a significant impact on the design industry around the world

the Italian stop of Casaro's design tour across the world has been successfully completed. Next, the Casaro tour group will go to Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries famous for their distinctive culture, architecture and design to explore more possibilities of design. Pay attention to Casaro's design journey across the world now and see more design dry goods





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