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Busy work, time-consuming and laborious decoration, unbearable? Don't have time to run to the construction site, and don't worry about not going to the construction site? Decoration events that everyone will encounter

which decoration company in the market is more reliable? Do not understand the professional knowledge in the field of decoration and hesitate? Back and forth between the company and the construction site? Don't worry about going to work every day without supervision on the construction site? The construction quality can't be controlled, so I'm really not at ease? There are all kinds of other troubles ·& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;& middot;? No matter how low the decoration price is, the construction personnel are unprofessional and irresponsible, and finally they can't even be contacted. How to guarantee the construction quality

the main thing is to find a suitable decoration company and truly make the decoration transparent! For consumers, choosing transparent decoration means saving a lot of unnecessary trouble, saving more money, making it clearer, more convenient and smoother

then, how to ensure the construction quality depends on the strength of the decoration company

if every decoration company can strictly control the construction quality like the Golden Mantis, the whole house decoration 4.0, one-stop hard and soft decoration; The main material F2C goes directly to the consumer's home; The after-sales service is timely, with 1 minute response, 2-hour response, and 24-hour service in place! The construction is carried out in strict accordance with the standards, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of construction material reduction

less routine, more sincere, transparent decoration starts from here

carry out on-site accurate setting out according to the construction drawings, lay water and electricity, adopt horizontal and vertical laying process, construction specifications, and eliminate repeated pipe laying. The strong and weak conduits are laid in different colors, and the nature of the power supply can be directly judged by the conduit color. It is convenient to identify and check lines, facilitate installation and maintenance, effectively prevent wrong wiring during construction, and effectively improve the safety of household electricity

a good decoration company, its decoration quality must start from the details! Protecting the decoration site is the first step to ensure its decoration quality. Eliminate and avoid the pollution and damage of finished products in the construction process to the greatest extent, so as to reduce and reduce costs, and improve the first pass rate and first excellent rate of finished products

decoration is never easy. It involves countless complex processes and multi-threaded cooperation between different personnel

for example, the restrictions of house type, cumbersome processes, and complex construction environment, all of which are laborious to solve

but it was such a difficult thing that Golden Mantis did it and won the recognition of Guangdong owners. In 2018, I believe they can do better. Because every one of you has a Golden Mantis in your heart





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