Four taboos for laying solid wood floors

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According to the statistics of relevant departments, more than 50% of the problems in the actual use of solid wood floors are caused by improper laying, and only 5% are the quality problems of the floor itself. It can be seen that whether the laying process is reasonable or not is the most important factor affecting the effect of floor use. Relevant experts remind you to avoid the following wrong laying methods

1. The uneven ground will make some floors and keels hang in the air, and it will make a sound when stepping on it

2. The moisture content of the wooden keel without drying is usually about 25%, while the moisture content of the qualified wooden floor is generally 12%. Excessive humidity difference will make the wooden floor absorb moisture quickly, causing floor arching and paint cracking. During construction, the floor shall be paved first, and then other construction shall be carried out on the floor, which is the usual practice of the decoration team at present. But in this way, after the floor is laid, it often takes a month or even longer to polish and paint. During this period, the moisture and chemicals in the floor and the surrounding environment were not isolated, which is likely to cause the wood floor to deform and crack due to the rapid change of moisture content

3. The wooden floor with loose or tight assembly will expand or contract with the change of ambient temperature and humidity. Therefore, when laying the floor, the assembly tightness of the wooden floor should be reasonably arranged according to the ambient temperature and humidity of the place of use. If it is too loose, the floor will shrink and there will be large gaps. If it is too tight, the floor will arch when it expands

4. The fixation method of wood wedge and iron nail is used. The fixation method of wood wedge and iron nail is used in the construction, which will cause insufficient nail holding force due to the too small contact surface between the wood wedge and the iron nail, which is very easy to cause the wood keel to loosen, and there will be a sound when stepping on the floor




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