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In fact, brand building is a point we have been paying attention to in the past ten years. I think the most important thing is to use our quality to forge our value

from March 23 to 26, 2016, the 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing, and Eurasia made a brilliant debut. He Rui, the marketing director of Shenyang Eurasia special Wood Industry Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with reporters from home hotline and wooden door world. He said that Eurasia special has attached great importance to brand building in the development process of the past decade, and advocated that enterprises should cast the value of products with quality

on site interview guests: He Rui, marketing director of Shenyang Eurasia Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: this Beijing exhibition was held grandly. As an exhibitor, what new products did Eurasia bring? What are the advantages of these new products

president he: Eurasia has been established for more than ten years. It is a high-end customized brand of whole wood that integrates product research and development, design, production, installation and service. It focuses on high-end solid wood home solutions and brings new humanistic home lifestyle to the majority of users. For a long time, Eurasia has focused on high-end log products. This year, in order to enable the majority of consumers to enjoy the high-end products of solid wood, we have also launched products that are close to the people. The biggest characteristics of these products are price friendly and fashionable. Therefore, you can see that during the exhibition, our Eurasia Pavilion gathered many dealers who came to visit

home hotline: what are the unique experiences of Eurasia in brand building

Mr. He: in the past ten years, brand building is actually a point we have been paying attention to. I think the most important thing is to use our quality to forge our value. You can also see that Eurasian people are constantly improving in terms of product details, R & D, or the management of the whole production process

at present, we have first-class wood processing equipment in the industry and have established many automatic production lines. Our manufacturing strength and technical level have reached the leading position in China. We have introduced advanced production equipment from Germany, established several intelligent production lines, adopted intelligent and information-based production management system, established classification database in the production process, realized NC efficient production, ensured the constant product quality, and made the terminal design, sales, physics and installation more convenient and efficient

home hotline: over the years, Eurasia is making progress, and consumers are also upgrading. So what are the unique measures for young consumers in Europe and Asia

president he: you should be able to see that Eurasia has launched many colors suitable for young people, especially for young people who want to start a family and start a career, such as your post-90s and post-80s. We have made a wealth of colors, and some light colors and simple series are more in line with the needs of young people

nowadays, our company's products have included four home spaces including bedroom, hall, study and wine cellar, as well as stair wooden door system, and have developed three classic styles: romantic French style, elegant American style and fresh European style. We pay great attention to the harmony and unity of products and home space, and carefully create a personalized and systematic home space, bringing a new humanistic home lifestyle to the majority of users

household hotline: many household people are pessimistic about 2016. What do you think of the next development of the household industry in 2016

president he: in fact, everyone is saying that 2015 may be a cold wave, and everyone may not have enough confidence in 2016. However, our sales performance of Eurasia was growing throughout 2015, including the sales performance of our two subordinate factories. In 2016, through the exhibition in Beijing and the publicity of media friends, we hope and believe that Eurasia will achieve good results





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