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In today's life, more and more people choose sliding doors and wardrobe doors. There are many styles of wardrobe doors and many manufacturers, so how do we choose? The following editor will introduce to you the manufacturers of wardrobe doors and the methods to identify the plates of wardrobe doors

What are the manufacturers of wardrobe doors:

1. Yadan wardrobe

coordinate Guangzhou, established in 2003, is a home customization enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and service. It is China's first home customization company and one of the top ten brands in the overall wardrobe industry

2. Rabbit baby

coordinate Zhejiang, established in 2008, is a specially established wooden door and wardrobe company integrating production, supply and marketing

3. Roland wardrobe

was established in 2006. There are three types of products: wooden door, wardrobe and wall panel. With a modern standard factory building of 30000 square meters, it is one of the most advanced and perfect enterprises in the overall wardrobe production enterprises in South China

Founded in 2007, Guangdong Hanli home furnishing Group Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production and research and development of cabinets and wardrobes, and has become one of the leading brands in China's cabinet and wardrobe industry

5. Established in 2002, houlaike wardrobe

integrates the fashion home trend into China and provides a more quality lifestyle for every family

methods for identifying wardrobe door panels

there are many types of panel materials. The commonly used wardrobe door panels include density board, particleboard, and large core board, which are then impregnated and decorated with melamine. When choosing the wardrobe door, it depends on whether the material meets the E1 level standard. The E1 level environmental protection standard can ensure that the formaldehyde emission content of the overall wardrobe door will not cause harm to human body. Among these three materials, density board can reach E1 level, while particleboard and large core board can be used only after post-processing

the above is what the small editor introduced to you about the manufacturers of wardrobe doors and the methods to identify the plates of wardrobe doors. Have you learned more about this aspect after reading it? I hope it can help you. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this website. Please look forward to more wonderful




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